Rat Race Escape Plan: Compounding Effect

Rat Race Escape Plan

A rat race is a boundless, in vain pursuit. The expression explains humans to rats with an urge to earn a livelihood such as cheese, which is futile. In today’s era, we can relate it to a competitive struggle to nurture financially. Today, the repetitive & exhausting lifestyle has left us with no time for relaxation or enjoyment.

Fortunately, everyone wants to escape the never ending rat race. Somewhere between just surviving paychecks and toxic work environments, nobody wants reparation in life by climbing a ladder but will try to own completely.

Anyone should not forget that you are a smart individual who can do anything. Don’t become a corporate slave for complete earning phase of your life, for a meagre compensation loaded with worries about paying bills, and dreaming about dreadful Mondays. We are living in an era of smart work not hard work. On should plan to escape the rat race once and for all smartly. 

The reality check is we never have ample funds to cover all expenses ranging from rent, groceries, utilities, property taxes etc. the list bums out. After all these expenses we are left with a few savings which are kept in bank for some uncertainty in future. 

Life’s short & sweet. On an average, two-third of the life is spent toiling to suffice the livelihood. VSRK helps you create something meaningful. Which can make life more meaningful and to choose how you spend weekends independently. Undoubtedly, many billionaires still go to work daily. Mind it, it’s with choice not out of necessity. Once decided, to escape the rat race, will gain the confidence to take that decision.

Give Yourself a Why. When finding a “why”, you need to make sure it’s burning the fire in you. Stop Buying and keep burying yourself in deeper debt. Uncertainly, life can hit you in the face with a curveball anytime. Stop purchasing stuff you don’t require. Instead, save more for long-term to live within your means. VSRK helps you reinvest the money saved to help you grow many-folds within a specified term to gain financial freedom. 

Set aside a fixed amount every month to die wealthy. Invest the amount in some paper assets which will help to generate excess income. Ultimately, one should acquire assets that’ll grow each month therefore can earn an expandable income. Let the process of compounding interest showcase its results. The money should only be used to make more money. The minor risk is involved with major rewards. When it comes to investment, start with VSRK whose expertise will lower the risk of investments. And by this, one leads to a path of escaping the rat race.

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