Why do you Need Blue-chip Funds in a Portfolio?

Blue chip Funds

Every coin has two sides, risk and returns are those which comes with investing in any financial product. The decisions can be personal or suggested by an expert which can  be based on age, risk appetite, investment horizon, financial goals, and other vital factors. 

Mutual funds are trending, because of sorted risks by fund managers with higher  returns than bank savings and term deposits. Fund houses offer different types of  schemes, carrying a different investment strategy which are suitable for various  needs of individual investors. Blue Chip funds have become “hot pancakes of the  Industry”. 

Blue-chip mutual funds invest in a few selected large-cap companies with a proven  track record and established businesses with some lucrative characteristics  attached. The companies in conversation are managed by professionals with sturdy leadership based on business insights. Established business models with market  kingpin or one of the top ranked within the industry having verifiable track records.  They show profits year on year with uninterrupted dividend payouts. Tend to deliver  good returns over the long period, help growing capital to build a huge corpus 

The major reasons to support blue-chip funds as an excellent way to achieve long term financial goals such as retirement planning. The dynamism & volatility of stock  markets and of course economy needs stable investment returns which are provided  by such companies to withstand the market hush without difficulties. 

Reasons to include blue-chip funds in investment portfolio 

  1. The blue-chip companies pay regular dividends, which is an excellent way to  earn an additional income.  
  2. Being a part of the market leaders, Blue-chip investments are financially strong  maintaining a balanced debt-equity ratio further reducing volatility.
  3. Investments done in diversified businesses enables to earn income through  different streams serving a wide demographic which diversifies risks.
  4.  These companies are part of Fortune 500 list, which gives an additional  security while investing in a diversified portfolio.  
  5. Investing in the Equities among different sectors reduces risks and enhances  the returns from the growing markets.

How to Invest without Knowing the ABC’s of Investing ?

How to invest without knowing the ABC’s of investing

Calm down, you are not alone, in the universe who is so uncomfortable with investing money in today’s glowing market. Like many other individuals, still following traditional methods of savings even when many of us there are becoming successfully wealthy in the market. Well, let’s discuss how to cope up with the fear for trading the new transparent and amazing products blossoming in the ocean of financial markets today.

The fear of entering the new world of commerce at any course of your investment life, can immensely affect one’s investment choice. Investing is scary because returns aren’t guaranteed. Hesitant investors following the psychological approach of the fear of losing money in the stock market. 

People prefer avert losing anything they possess, relatively take a risk to make a big fortune. It’s human to hate losing more than liking to win, and hence, psychology says to ‘play it safe’ when it comes to monetary. Fear is keeping people outside the investment world and potentially away from reaching their long-term financial goals. 

We agree that the investing world is cluttered with technical terms and difficult jargons. To remove this hesitation, VSRK brings to you accessible tools and hands on expertise to help you understand the basics, decode the difficulties and make informed decisions. 

The market is based on the sure shot formula of “taking the right decision at the right time”. One can certainly earn a good return out of the investments made with correct decisions at the perfect time. Saving early and investing regularly is vital key to financial security and reaping success. More likely to afraid to invest money increases the possibility of losing the track on profits from the market.

VSRK firmly believes that before investing your money into the market, we make sure that the investor should understand the detailing about the market as per your financial goals and targets. 

VSRK provides required beneficial market tips about why and where money is invested. So, seek help to invest your money wisely. Beware of the fraudulence or fake guides & suggestions.
The more you know, the better you’ll feel about investing.
Bottom line, investing your money in market is a rewarding way to grow your wealth over time than using a traditional, low-interest savings schemes. And that’s why we are here to guide you with our experts. From dreaming about buying a car to retirement planning to planning a dream vacation or buying a home all need funds. And someone has said that “It takes money to make money”. 
You are investing but do not realize it. Your fixed deposits or post offices saving are further invested somewhere for a good return but you are getting fixed meagre interest. Many have the tendency to think that only rich people can invest. No, you just need to have some money to invest. With VSRK application, you can start with as low as little as Rs. 1000 per month.

One should avoid to get scared from unfamiliar terms. The financial assets are risky but they tend to outperform most of the time in long run. I always tell new investors, “Risk and return are married, and they’re never going to get divorced”. There is no return without risk. Bonds on the other hand are less risky investments than stocks.

Don’t square off to mingle investing and gambling at same level, think again. When you put your money in a range of different investments say in a mutual fund or an index fund, which hold many different individual stocks one can reduce the risk of losing money.

The fact is investing doesn’t makes anyone rich overnight. Just as food takes time to cook well, similarly investment takes time to grow into wealth. A common saying is that it’s about time in the market, not timing the market. In other words, over time, your money grows when you invest it.

VSRK’s experts helps you diversify your hard earned finances across different investment among many sectors which mitigates risk. The markets have both good and bad days. We don’t react impulsively but act wisely to extract the potential rebound of the market.