5 Things You Should Know Before You Start Investing

Things You Should Know Before You Start Investing

Investment is not a one-step process but an entire series of steps taken to reach the financial goal. It encompasses making various financial decisions and finding the right investment alternative while minimizing any associated risks. Investing is affected by a large number of factors, so it is crucial to keep in mind some financial aspects. Today we will talk about five things you should consider before you leap.

Know Your Investment Goals
Every person who is desirous of investing should have a stated purpose of investment. It could be anything like buying a house, new car, child education and marriage or planning retirement. You should know what you want to save your money for and especially how much you want to save. Your investment goals are a crucial factor to decide the investment alternatives.

Know Your Financial Condition
Any investor, whether she is a billionaire or a new associate in a law firm, has some financial limitations. It is necessary to know how much would you be able to invest in the said period of investment. The purpose of investing funds would be to generate sufficient returns to help you achieve your financial goals, whatever they are. So, it is necessary to know how much investment you would be able to support and where you can cut corners.

Know the Importance of Emergency Funds
One of the main reasons why investments fail is that people consider their investment as emergency funds. However, this is never the case. For example, when you start a fund for buying a new house, then that money is being kept aside for buying that new house only. Now, what people do is that whenever they face any financial emergency, they break these funds, thereby hampering the investment cycle. Such acts lead to lower accumulated wealth. These emergencies, as the name suggests sprung anytime and you have no control over them. So, it is always advisable to consider an emergency fund. It would safeguard you in case of any mishap.

Know Your Asset Allocation
There are various investment avenues available in the market. You can invest in precious metals like gold & silver, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, real estate or a combination of all of the above. You may or may not want to invest in all of them. Each of them has its risks, rewards and characteristics. Therefore, you should be well aware of the investment avenues you have selected. Knowing each kind of investment avenue helps you to create a diversified portfolio and enhances your chances to reach your financial goals.

Know Your Risk Appetite
When someone wants to invest his money, there are majorly only two things in his mind. First is the reward and second is the associated risk of investment into that avenue. Every person has a different risk appetite depending upon his age, financial situation, priorities, etc. You should identify the level of risk you are willing to take to achieve your financial goals. This factor is one of the main aspects when you choose your investment avenues. People who have a high-risk appetite go for equity funds; they are risky but give good returns to its investors. Debt mutual funds are safer but provide low returns and are suitable for people with low-risk appetite. Hybrid mutual funds are known to yield better returns than debt funds and are less risky than equity funds, so they are suitable for moderate risk-takers.

5 Tips to a Successful Investment Journey

Investment Journey Tips

A journey is confusing without a map the same way the journey of the financial world is impossible without a pre-planned chart or strategies. You cannot start investing without a plan. You will probably waste your money anywhere or everywhere. You have to look up according to your convenience and resources. Financial planning never comes easy, without the chain of steps. These steps guide you based on your money and outflow. Here, we will introduce five tips for a successful investment. It’s a long way to go through the small steps that we take.

Start Investment
In today’s time, the process of growing your wealth must comprise investment. Focus more on investing the right way and right proportion. It needs a lot of hardship in the financial world to grow as an investor. Identify your goals, define your investment approach and then play your process of investment accordingly.

Acquire Knowledge of the Market
Grow your interest by investing in the stock market and making informed investments. Read books or take courses on investments dealing with modern financial strategies. There is much worth reading text like stock for the long run by Jeremy Siegel, that will explain to you about the high levels of finance. Investing consists of science as well as art. It has principles and also quality. It’s required to learn about every aspect of investment. Grow up your market knowledge. Once you know what works in the market and what does not work, you can formulate simple rules regarding your investments.

Define of your investment strategy
Nobody knows your financial condition better than you. You should go according to the plan so that you can get the best out of your investment. You can consider consulting a financial advisor who can give you the best possible measure by which you can get more returns on your investment and can help you in planning for future investment. He will help you select out the best investment alternative according to your financial goals and risk appetite.

Right investment guide
Your level of resources will define your path of investment. Always differentiate in the options you have. Don’t rush in one way. Be careful about what you invest and where you invest. Start with low risk and learn gradually. Adopt long term investment for an optimistic future. Always try to take help from the financial advisor regarding investment because he is the only person who will guide you in the best possible way in regards to your investments.

Long term investments
Sticking with a long-term investment strategy may give you benefits for future decisions. Owning assets is one of the most beneficial steps in growing up your financial status. Your chances of success will increase if you stay in the course without letting your emotions take charge of your practical life.

Learning to be a successful investor is a gradual process. The market will prove you wrong sometimes. Believe in your strategies and be on the runway for the long term. In the end, a conclusion comes to like to explore various types of investment alternatives. Risk is an inseparable part of the financial world. Set your bar from low-risk investments to high-risk investments. You can’t expect miracles without putting in efforts. The result of your investment will be the reflection of your effort and hard work. Invest smart, not high if you invest a small investment in the right way.

How to Retire Early?

How to Retire Early

It’s a common perception that retiring late will provide you more money for a secured future. However, it does not work like this. Retirement planning is not about working more but more about starting early. Retirement plans are formulated beforehand. Whether you retire early or late, each has its own benefits according to your plans before and after retirement.

The word ‘retirement’ makes you think of a retirement at an old age, probably 60 or more. Turning old often brings a comparatively less-energetic body and makes one vulnerable to various health issues. Such conditions force one to spend majorly into medical services. So, it’s better to plan retirement at an early age. To retire early, you have to make pre-plans regarding your savings and expenditure. If you are planning an early retirement, it’s best to start saving your money from the time of your working days.

It is advisable to keep a separate saving for your expenses. Children’s education, marriage all can be handled by the debt securities that you will own. Debt mutual funds are considered the most beneficial step regarding the investment of your money. You can monthly invest some amount of money in deposits and at the right time, you can get a lump-sum of amount from these debt instruments.

Education nowadays is the most important key for self-independency, respect in society, and a standard lifestyle. You cannot compromise on the education of your child and will have to save separately for this. The higher education of your children requires a huge amount of corpus and many middle-class families are not able to cope up with such high fees. Many education plans are being grown-up for student’s bright future, be interested in such plans, and invest here.

You have to see your retirement with optimism. Securing your present, while covering your future needs requires detailed plans and proper investments. It is advisable to have a balanced mutual fund portfolio which invests in the long term as well as short term investments. Long-term investments will meet your future needs on the other hand short-term investments will help in current present expenditures. Apart from the above-mentioned expenses there are some other household expenses which seem to be small but are fixed in nature. After investing in these investments, the left-over amount can be useful in small fixed-unfixed expenses. 

Following these steps will surely be helpful in your early retirement planning. After meeting all necessities, just save a small part of your salary for your requirements. Retiring at an early age will enable you to explore the world and to focus on yourself. But this could only be done when you are relieved from the tension of all the responsibilities. 

Making a systematic rule for every step will not only help you but also your family. Education, marriage, retirement all will be planned so you can spend the most time with your family and do whatever you want. A middle-class working person lives for his/her family and responsibilities but she/he deserves the time to live for herself/himself too. You can travel and explore after working for years, your financial plans can give you a good vacation and trips with your family. Don’t consider early retirement a bad sign. If your plans are well-structured and takes care of every nook & cranny of your financial needs, you will not face financial problems and will always be economically stable. You can start to save some money from your early days for your travel after retirement. Don’t make retirement a full stop on your enthusiasm, make it a new beginning. Life is never so short to explore and to live a life, full of life!

4 Tips For Planning Your Retirement

4 Tips For Planning Your Retirement

Planning a retirement is not always easy. It’s the biggest decision you’ll ever make and a lot of things have to be considered before it can be made. Regardless of age, whether you’re 25 or 55, investing in retirement planning is always a wise financial plan. Everyone will face a time in their life when retirement is just around the corner, either by necessity or by choice.

Whether you need to catch up with the Joneses or want to better prepare for your later years, there are many options available to you in the form of investment strategies, saving strategies, and even tips for early retirement. There are also plenty of guides and articles written on the topic of retirement, including the essentials on saving, investing, and creating wills.

Great Retirement Planning Tips

For many people, saving and investing for one’s retirement day will not be an easy process. The goal is not to have the most money that you can, but to have enough to support your family and keep living comfortably until retirement. It is important to realize that, while saving money is a vital part of any retirement planning, investing money is not the only step to take. You also need to have the knowledge to determine when to invest your money so you don’t spend too much and lose it all. 

These are four tips for saving for your retirement that anyone can use.

  • Diversify

First, make sure to diversify your investments. Diversifying your portfolio is the single best thing you can do for your retirement. Once you have a solid portfolio that covers a number of different markets, you can start to look into which investments are safe. Choose safe investments in order to protect your money from losses and to allow it to grow gradually over time. 

  • Save

Second, set aside some money to save. You’ll need money to invest in your savings account. It can be as small as $100 every single month, if you wish. Put that money aside for when you need it, whether it’s for unexpected medical bills, or a vacation down payment on your next home. This money will serve as a buffer against the effects of inflation, and any other emergencies that may occur.

  • Budget

One of the most important things that you have to do when planning for your retirement is to create a budget. There are a lot of things you have to consider when you’re dealing with your finances. You also have to look at your expenses and see if they’re reasonable. If they’re not, then you have to be honest about them and decide whether they can be adjusted accordingly.

Be aware of your spending habits. You may be tempted to spend more than you earn, but you’ll also need to consider that this will eat into your income. Budget your money and set aside enough for your future living costs.

You should be conscious of how much money you have now, and how much you are going to make for your future. You should also have a clear idea of where you want to retire, because it has to be planned long before it happens. If you plan out the whole thing in advance, then you’ll be able to handle all kinds of situations that can arise during your retirement years. 

  • Get Professional Help

To help you plan your retirement, it’s important to choose a firm that can help you sort out what’s necessary for now and what’s needed for the future.  This step may be simple for some. For others, they may not need to work with a personal finance expert that can help you choose the right option. You’ll need to make a list of your priorities, and go with the one that best meets your needs, be it a bank, or a private investment company.  

If you prefer a more hands-on approach to investing, or if you just want to be more knowledgeable with your money, you may find an e-book a helpful tool. Even a good retirement calculator can be helpful in determining how much money to invest or save. With all the resources available on the internet to teach you regarding your retirement, be careful about scammers that are only out to take your money. 


Planning a retirement is the same as planning your life, because you have to strategize so you can live comfortably and successfully. No one wants to be caught off-guard down the road. There are so many questions to be answered and so many details to be taken care of. Do yourself a favor and begin that process now. Research the variety of ways you can save or invest. Talk to someone about diversified accounts and early retirement plans. Check out all your options so that you may live out the rest of your days in comfort and security.

How Financially Compatible are You with Your Partner?


Marriage planning

India is surrounded by traditions and rituals. The marriage season never goes off. Talking about destination weddings or simple marriage ceremonies there is always a bar rising higher than before. 

It is said that marriage is not just a relation between two partners but the entire two families. What’s the main point we look into the partner? Mainly emotional compatibility, secondly understanding. Two individuals are said to be perfectly compatible when they understand each other in every aspect. Apart from emotional compatibility, it’s the financial compatibility that is seen. Financial compatibility helps the partners to live an accomplished life. Many of you think that financial compatibility means both partners have equal money, but it’s not the case. It means what perspective both have towards money and what is the importance of money for them.

Know what money makes to your partner:

Different people have a different value for money. Before getting married, you should know what attitude your partner keeps towards money. Lack of communication can create a sense of misunderstanding between you and your partner. Planning a wedding is not as easy as it seems to be, we can say that it’s a step by step plan. These plans reduce the burden as a whole.

These steps involve-

  1. Setting a budget
  2. The theme of your functions
  3. Preparing guest list
  4. Choosing venue
  5. Inviting the guest

And other small but essential things. Marriage is the most overwhelming activity for couples. The excitement and expectation are to the next level. Imagining a perfect wedding and making your imagination the reality needs a well-planned functioning.

Having a conversation around money with your partner:

When you both come to know each other’s views regarding money, make this topic a part of your regular conversation. The income and how you spend it and also how much you save and through what, these are some common talks that you may include in your common talking. 

Setting a budget includes income ratio and expenditure ratio. Expenses are necessary plus luxury too. Also, your investments will have a glance in your budget. Checking up the bank accounts will help in dealing with various such heads. Deciding a day every month where bank accounts can be checked. This will help in planning a further budget and will rectify if any issue arises.

Arrive at a common goal:

While going your own way of managing money and bank balance, maybe one person is not satisfied with the way of other person management of money. Both have to discuss and mutually agree on common terms, spending, and saving. In case you cannot come to a common and stable decision you can consult a financial advisor. The financial advisor will tell you every detail regarding every possible term and this will then help you to come to a common decision.

Make the other person accountable:

When both of you, you and your partner come upon a middle ground decision, it is important that you keep your partner accountable. Don’t make your partner feel like his/her opinion was not considered. Communication is the key to a healthy marriage life. It will ensure that you are on the right path.


Financial compatibility plays an important role in couples. Don’t let financial incompatibility be the reason for issues in your relationship. All the above factors will help you to grow your financial compatibility and will help you in the present and future too.

How Much Should a Couple Save For Retirement ?

How Much Should a Couple Save For Retirement

Retirement means a permanent leave from a particular job or a working place. At a young age when you are doing any job or work, you earn income which is satisfactory over your expenses and lifestyle. On the other hand, life after retirement is not exactly a joy ride. Not only do you have to change your lifestyle but also have to balance your expenses and needs. In your early year when you save some part of taxable income, these savings will surely help you in your future. Most of you can’t judge how much to save your income for future use. Some experts suggest that one should invest at least 15-20% of their monthly income towards retirement funds. For working couples, mutual decisions and understanding play an important role to decide the lifestyle after retirement.

Couples planning for retirement have to face certain challenges at their age. It is said that at the age of 40 you make real money. Making decisions regarding your money is not easy. There are certainties, possibilities, and also uncertainties. Retirement requires balancing between these. Your lifestyle portrays the estimation of money that you will need. Try to save 15% of your income per year. Keep that as your ‘savings for retirement’. Retirement involves a combination of personal planning and financial planning.  Retirement planning includes calculation of expenses, identifying the income sources, and programming the savings. 

The process of retirement planning can be held by the professionals called retirement planner by the national association of personal financial coach. You can approach an experienced retirement planner such as ourselves. Also, there is a retirement calculator that can help you in estimating how much money you need before retirement and how to make plans for it. It is easy when you have to plan a retirement as an individual but is a little difficult couple. This is because you both differ in spending, needs, income. There are certain points which must be crystal clear between you both, like-

“How you want to spend the rest of your life after retirement?”

“where you want to live after retirement?”.

“What you want to do after we get to retire?”

Being a working couple and planning to retire, you must plan the spending and prepare a budget for your upcoming life probably after retirement. The option for you is the retirement planner. A retirement planner will help you in the ways you could never plan. Retirement planning must be efficient and worth executing, which can be done by a planner.

Considering the age and health difference one of you may live longer than the other, keeping all these points under consideration, one must plan for the retirement. When it comes to a well-planned future after retirement, you should always take some good advice from a professional i.e., retirement planning advisor. A retirement planning advisor gives you a piece of suitable and effective advice regarding your plans, expenses, savings, and income.

Keeping his advice in mind, you can put up your requirements, needs, and other relevant details in Infront of the retirement planner. keeping in mind all your points, he will formulate a perfect plan for your future (life after retirement). For a working couple, best way to secure their futures are investment and assets. One should invest in money plans and long term-investments.

Keeping some part of your income for investment will be beneficial. Investments are long term as well as short term. Long term investments are mostly beneficial. Investing in funds and policies will give you a satisfactory result after a certain point in time. With the growing age, consciousness regarding health rises. Your saving and investment can come at the time of a health emergency.

Consulting with a retirement planner will reduce your stress as planning is the first step of every activity we do. Making a complete retirement plan will give you a clear vision of your life before and after retirement. The Future is uncertain and unpredictable so we should always be ready for the challenges. Life after retirement is much more tough and full of challenges. Retirement planning, planners, and advisors make your future bright and also less stressful, leading a well-planned life after retirement.

How its Benefits of Investing in Mutual Fund Online

Investing in Mutual Fund Online

Investment in mutual fund online is gaining popularity as the easiest ways of investing. Such investment could be done by accessing our Website or downloading the VSRK mobile application.

Benefit of investing in mutual funds online

There are various benefits of investing in mutual fund online. We have mentioned some of them as following-

  • Online Registration and E-KYC

The customers can register online through filing the necessary information and submitting the required documents viz. PAN card and Aadhar card. Such information is sent to the backend for verification. Once the information is verified you are ready to invest.     

  • Option to Invest in Small Amounts

Investing in mutual fund online gives you the option of investing in various securities in small amount. You have the option to start your SIPs with just rupees 500 per month. By keeping out a small portion of your salary aside you would be able to accumulate a wealth over a long time.

  • Ease of convenience 

Investment in mutual funds online is one of the simplest and the easiest form of investment. in this you just need to have the access to the website or mobile application of your AMC. You can access your portfolio information, current stock rates and various other information just through one click.  

  • Liquidity 

One of the most important benefit of online investment in mutual funds is the liquidity. the investors have the option to redeem the unit at any point of time. However, mutual funds do have factors like pre exit penalty and exit load we should be taken into consideration before redemption. 

  • Security of funds 

All the mutual fund related transaction come under the scope of SEBI. SEBI is a government regulated organization regulates AMCs to maintain transparency and accountability of transactions. Its aim is to safeguard the investors and solve their grievances. Further, SEBI makes it compulsory for all mutual funds to disclose their portfolios every month.

How to Save Tax Without Fresh Investment in FY 2019-20?

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When the month of March is comes to end, the only thing that comes to the mind of a salaried person is Tax Liability and Returns. Tax Liability is a duty levied by the government on your income which aids it to conduct public welfare activities. Tax planning here becomes a necessity as there are a lot Individuals who often pay tax more than they were required. The only reasons are the lack of weakness and knowledge about various deductions and schemes issued by the government in order to help the individuals avoiding excess tax liability. In common parlance, the best time for tax planning is in the starting of the year but people tend to procrastinate till the year end and end up either making errors in filing statements, paying more tax or filing belated returns. 

However the good news is that even if you have been careless towards planning tax the whole year you can still claim certain deductions on expenses that you have incurred in the normal course of your daily routine. Some of the deductions are-

Children’s Education & Hostel Allowance and Tuition Fees (Sec 80C & Sec 10(14))

The most common expense generally an individual incurs is the tuition fees of school, college or any other recognized institution for the purpose of full-time education of any two children of the employee is eligible for deduction.  Please note that any sum in the name of donation, development fees or capitation fees or any other payment of similar nature shall not eligible for deduction. In certain cases where the Children’s Education & Hostel Allowance is provided by the employer, such sum shall be added to the gross income of the individual & deduction of Rs 100 & Rs 300 per month per child upto 2 children shall be eligible.

Medical & Life Insurance (Sec 80D & Sec 80CCC)

Keeping in mind the uncertainty of human life and importance of medical and life insurance, the government has incorporated sums expended in such regards as an eligible deduction. Tax deduction based on health insurance premiums paid for individual, spouse, and dependent children shall be eligible for deduction up to Rs 25,000 per budgetary year.  Similarly, for investments made with respect to life insurance shall be eligible for deductions as per the related provisions. 

House loan and interest (Sec 80E, Sec 80E, Sec 24)

Employer’s contribution to NPS

Every individual whose employer has made contribution under section 80CCD(2) to the notified pension scheme which is not covered within the overall cap of Rs 1.5 lakh for cumulative deductions under sections 80C, 80CCC and 80CCD(1) shall be eligible for the deduction in accordance to the said section. Such deduction under is in addition to the cumulative deduction available under section 80C, where the overall limit is Rs 1.5 lakh, and 80CCD(1B) which is Rs 50,000.

Contribution made towards PPF and other approved schemes

There are a lot of regular investments that a common person invests in for which deductions is allowed under the Income Tax Act. This includes any deposits made with National Savings Certificate, Sukanya Samriddhi Account, Senior Citizen Savings Scheme 2004 (SCSS), NABARD Rural Bonds, 

Equity Linked Savings Schemes (ELSS)

ELSS is tax saving mutual fund that help the investors to save taxes up to Rs 1.5 lakh under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act. ELSS funds are considered ideal for new investors to start their investments in equity mutual funds. They, generally, have a mandatory lock-in period of three years and are among the shortest lock-in period among tax-saving investments permitted under Section 80C.

Standard deduction

A standard deduction up to Rs 50,000 is allowed for all salaried employees. This deduction is is mandatorily available and is considered by the employer while computing tax liability of each employee. The respective deduction is available at the time of filing ITR. However, while planning your taxes for FY 2019-20, you must consider standard deduction as well to compute your total tax liability.

Apart from all the deductions mentioned above there are multiple other deductions under the Income Tax Act 1962 which are available to an Individual.

5 Things To Know Before Hiring Financial Advisor

Financial Advisor

Who is a financial advisor?

A financial advisor is an investment professional who is an expert when it comes to managing your saving and other investment related problems. They help you to draw up investment plans, choose the best investment alternative amongst the pool of choices available and enable you to fulfill your wealth related objectives. 

Why to consult financial advisor?

Ever tried flying an aircraft on your own? Some of you might have yes as an answer which has been supported by years of intense training and experience of flying a plane. Managing your wealth could be just the same as flying an airplane. 

If you know how to fly it you’d be in the clouds but if you don’t your life could be at high risk so it is advisable to let the pilot handle the yoke. Similarly, if you lack the necessary skill & knowledge of managing investments you should consider a financial planner.  

There are a lot of changes in the ever changing market; a majority of individuals are unable to understand the dynamicity which usually causes a major loss to the investors. Therefore, a financial planner is one that you should consider before investing your hard earned money.

Following are the list of factors that you should consider before appointing a financial advisor.

  • Decide whether you need a financial advisor

Considering a financial advisor is always a good thing to go for, but the advice usually carries a brokerage or commission. This decision normally depends upon the investor’s knowledge, education and other related factors. If you have a strong knowledge of the fields of finance and generally keep yourself updated you might skip the option of hiring a financial advisor. Otherwise it is highly recommend considering a financial advisor. 

  • Find a Reputable Advisor

Before consulting a financial advisor, you must check his reputation, feedback & reviews of the past and current clients.  There are a lot of financial advisory firms available in the markets which have good repute and a loyal customer base which makes your investment safer.  

  • Past performance of the financial advisor 

Before investing your hard earned money you should be aware of the past tracking records of the financial advisor. A lot of people are shy about asking for proof that whether their financial planner actually has a successful track record managing accounts.   

  • The Education Level & Certifications of the financial planner 

The government has various certification & education bodies which skeptically check the competence of the financial planner. Such certifications are an assurance that the individual which you are referring to is a genuine expert in the fields of investment and has a better command over understanding the dynamics of the market. 

  • Know when to consult a new advisor

There could be a lot of possible situations where you might want to shift to a new financial planner in place of the current one. A good advisor is one which understands your investment needs, has multiple conversations with you, discussing your long term goals and assessing your plan. If you feel that your advisor is not able to serve to your expectations, give good suggestions or is unable to help you achieve your investment objectives you should consider a new business planner.

Who is VSRK?

VSRK is one of the financial advisory firms in Delhi, giving advisory on mutual funds, life insurance, general insurance, pre-IPO, PMF, IVF and other structured financial products. 

Why should you choose us?

Here at VSRK we advise about your financial needs at different level of your age, be it for your child’s education, pension plans, medical insurance plans or making huge investments for profitable businesses. That’s what makes us one of the best financial business planners in Delhi

Our awards

  • VSRK has been a member of UTI Mutual Fund Chairman Club since 2008.  
  • VSRK has been awarded as wealth management firms in Delhi by Pan India in Distribution of UTI Mutual Fund products in IFA Category for the year 2009-2010.

VSRK has also been awarded IFA Category WEALTH FORUM Advisor Award – 2010 for Highest Growth in AUM Equity + Hybrid), North Zone – Delhi Region for financial business planner in Delhi

Investment Solutions For the People Who Don’t Have Enough Money to Invest

People With Lower Incomes Have More Struggles

People with lower incomes have more struggles. They don’t have enough money for investing. In most cases they don’t have enough money left over after paying the expenses of daily life. The old saying says that money to make money clearly says it all. You should definitely have some  money or wealth to invest for the future sake. It is also true that if you don’t plan money management for the future and uninvited adversaries you will have to face big trouble. If someday you won’t be able to work and have enough savings for living that what you will you do in that case. Well to avoid these situations it is very important to plan investments.

We after talking to Best Wealth Management Companies in Delhi NCR put together some ideas for the people who don’t have enough funds to invest. There are many small funding Schemes in which you can invest :-

DRIPS (Dividend Reinvestment Plan)–  DRIPS, allow you to invest small amounts of money into dividend-paying stock, by purchasing directly from the company. Companies that allow you to make regular purchases of very small amounts of stock, and reinvest the dividends. This can add up to a big investment over time and, as you gain a larger balance, you may consider diverting some of these funds into other investments.

ETFs (exchange-traded funds)-  ETFs,or exchange-traded funds, are financial products that track the performance of a certain sector of the investment market. You can buy as little as one share of an ETF through a broker, and some of these ETFs track the performance of the total stock market, the bond market, and many others.

Target Date Funds- Target date funds, as the name implies, target your retirement date by changing the percentage of stocks and bonds to assure that your money remains safe as you approach retirement age.

If you want to hire Professional Financial Services for your business and funds investment you can contact to VSRK Wealth, one of the Investment Services Company in Delhi.

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