Delhivery Limited IPO Snapshot

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About the Company:
Delhivery is engaged into Logistics services, including delivery of express parcel and heavy goods, PTL freight, TL freight, warehousing, supply chain solutions, cross-border Express, freight services, and supply chain software. The company also offers value-added services such as ecommerce return services, payment collection and processing, installation & assembly services, and fraud detection. The company has proprietary technology systems that enable it to offer integrated Logistics services to a wide variety of customers. Its technology stack consists of over 80 applications for all supply chain processes. Its 164-network infrastructure includes 124 gateways, 20 automated sort centres, 83 fulfilment centres, 35 collection points, 24 returns processing centres, 249 service centres, 120 intermediate processing centres, and 2,235 direct delivery centres as of June 30, 2021. Thecompany has engineering, data sciences, and product team of 474 professionals. The company served a diverse base of 21,342 active Customers across e-commerce, consumer durables, electronics, lifestyle, FMCG, industrial goods, automotive, healthcare, and retail.

Particulars (Rs. Cr.) 31-Mar-20 31-Mar-21 31-Dec-21
Total Assets 4,357.31 4,597.80 8,429.48
Total Revenue 2,988.63 3,838.29 4,911.41
Profit After Tax -268.93 -415.74 -891.14

Risks & Concerns
Interest Rate Risk –
Exposure to the risk of changes in market interest rates relates primarily due to borrowings with floating interest rates.

Price Risk – Surplus funds are invested in various debt instruments, debt mutual funds and fixed deposits which are susceptible to changes in the interest rates or market yields.
Such changes may impact the return and value of such investments.

Foreign Exchange Risk – Exposure to the activities involved in foreign exchange revenues pose a risk from volatility in foreign exchange prices.

Credit Risk – The company is exposed to credit risk primarily through trade receivables and investing activities.

Liquidity Risk – Lack of liquidity for business operations may pose a risk for discontinuation of business operations resulting in revenue loss.

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