Green is the New Gold

ESG Investing

The investor has various Permutation and Combinations to build portfolio in which the most common options include a combination of stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. All the investments are based on risk tolerance and financial goals. Now-a-days investors have become more aware and started making more sustainable decisions. ESG investing has become progressively approachable opportunity. ESG investing stands for environmental, social, and governance investing, which anchors on sustainability and the impact on your money. This concept actually comes with an opportunity to utilize investments in a way that aligns with one’s beliefs and core values.

Any investment is said to be an ESG investment depending upon the measure of sustainability across the environmental, social, and governance categories. The measurements are ranked and hence, helps potential investors in regard to portfolio, to make better decision ethically. 

The Environmental Factors determines the green initiatives a venture takes. It considers what a company does to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and how they use natural resources. It also looks at the product created to calculate sustainability and recycling.

The social components include cells like community involvement and development, comprehensive variegation, balanced employment levels, and impact on local and global human rights.

This Corporate Governance evaluates the mentorship. It compares executive pay and employee pay, cross section and potpourri among the top executives and board members, and the receptivity of the venture to their stakeholders.

ESG is important for successful long-term investments, diversification is must. ESG investing is a stupendous way to support acts well for the society, decide acquaint fully related to the environment, and assure equality.

ESG investments have experienced high returns as compared to traditional investments and in some cases, even outperformed. One can cherish his moral or ethical values with growing investments inclusive of low risk with strategic ESG investing.

Last but not the least, ESG investments is termed as Socially Responsible Investing as it promotes sustainability in the environment, workforce, and employment opportunities. 

Interested to get going with ESG investing, Determine Your Approach, research ESG Policies and find the right ESG Investments to park funds.

Understand how each company is scored, what initiatives they follow, explore funding, and know more on their core values and overall morality. With VSRK, gain access to such investment avenues to create a personalized ESG investment plan.

Ethical investing and investing in socially responsible causes are altogether different. The values based on religious, cultural, or environmental beliefs alter desperately every individual, all solidified goals. One has to look upon whether to invest in a company or not that upholds social beliefs but fails in environmental protection.

After understanding the investor’s beliefs, we can help investor finding the right ESG investments, which firms you support.

Things to Consider Before You Invest In Paper Assets

Invest In Paper Assets

Paper assets refer to those assets whose representation define ownership of an asset.

Some examples of paper assets can be stocks, currencies, bonds, money market funds, Mutual funds, Insurance plans etc.

It is one of the best way of growing wealth without much stress and which carries a minimal risk of capital loss. Investing in it has become very passive, your funds keeps earning interest while you do regular things, like a high time demanding job be it corporates or own business or a full time home maker. They give returns depending on the amount of capital you invest in it.

Paper assets are generally risk free, with guarantees such as with insurance (against losses if any). This states that there is no probability of losing principle capital. Banks have started keeping these assets as collateral to secure loans.

One can’t deny the fact that stocks are volatile and are subject to crashes and market trends, they are not risk free but expert’s guidance at VSRK stands straight against this volatility and restructure the investments carefully. To give a hand on which paper treasure is better as per one’s financial needs and goals.

VSRK considers following before investing funds in Paper Assets

    1. Everyone has some financial goals and depending upon present saving capacity to the time frame of the goal decides which investment vehicle should be opted.
    2. Check how much one has in hand to make investments, flexible investment plans as Lump sum, Bi-yearly, quarterly and Monthly. 
    3. Each investment avenue has its time frame, the longer the investment, the more interest and returns we can promise as plans are usually subject to compounding. 

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