Do not Undermine the Importance of Health Insurance: Get it Now!

Having health Insurance for yourself and your family is very Important. Medical treatment and care is very costly thing. If somebody is hospitalized the amount which can be spend on the medical bills can destroy your all budget plans. And if the only person who earns becomes sick then it is very tough for the family to bear those expenses. All these problems can be solved by taking the right health insurance. A right health insurance policy can cover all the health aspects of medical health emergencies. Included hospitalization charges. Medical emergencies are uncertain and it is not necessary that everyone has good amount of money for these sudden situations. So It is always advised to planning the right healthcare.

Benefits of having a Health insurance Policy

  • Cash-free Treatment: If you take health insurance then if you have any medical emergency then you don’t have to run after for cash to deposit. Because your insurance company will collaborate with the hospital from your behalf.
  • Covering pre-existing diseases: Insurance policy also covers the pre-existing diseases if you choose the right medical health policy.
  • Transportation Charges: Insurance policy also covers the amount which is spend in transportation of the insured. The charges of ambulance and other transportations.
  • No Claim Bonus: If the insured person doesn’t file the medical claim in the gone year then the insurance policy pays the bonus amount to the insured person.
  • Medical Checkup: Insurance policy provides free medical check-up to the family if you choose the family health insurance.
  • Room Rent: Insurance policy also pays the room rent of the insured person, depending upon the policy chosen by you.
  • Tax Benefit: Premium which you pay on buying Health insurance is eligible tax deductions under section 80D of the Indian Income Tax Act.
  • Best Treatment: The other benefit of having medical insurance is that you can select best hospital according to your trust even if it’s expensive. Because if you have insurance then you have no issue of considering money before spending it in good hospital.


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