Corporate Profile

VSRK Capital Private Limited was incorporated on 8th November 2013 with the name of VSRK Wealth Creator Pvt. Ltd. has been managing their assets with huge client base with its expert personnel and knowledge of both traditional and modern Financial Products to ensure a smooth and amazing satisfaction.

Under the guidance of Lt. Shri R.K. Agrawal, who served as the President with utmost responsibility. He boosted the strength & potential of the company by many folds by amalgamating the clients and AUM of M/S Agrawal Investments Consultants. His Vision to build-up a team of exuberant, enterprising and dynamic professionals, certified by the AMFI, NISM and IRDA, working collectively towards a common goal of offering the best for its clients.

We are a boutique Company, of independent financial distributors, that offers financial services to a variety of clients whether HNIs, Corporate houses or other consulting firms under one umbrella. We stand a class apart known for our dynamic work commitments.

We have placed ourselves as the mutual fund distributors that adds opulence to the investor’s portfolios. Our aim is to assist in achieving individual and family financial goals. We make use of all updated technology to provide the market information before time to make the right decision at the right time to suit investment needs.


VSRK was founded in 2006 and is one of the most respected financial consultants in the industry. We handle mass trading volume and provide vast liquidity to numerous traders worldwide. We believe in taking advanced technology, customized customer service and work diligently hand in hand in order to meet modern traders’ needs in an ever-changing online environment.


Experience Comprehensive Assistance Investing

Service Excellence

We urge in continuous updating our online platform and features, our focused concern is bestowing our clients with nothing but the best. We offer our clients personal & attentive account managers and always put our clients first.

Prudent Risk Management

Our professional experts assure that neither our clients nor our business are exposed to monetary severance. All set to confront market turbulence without any interference to our services.

Encryption Services

Delicate data is passed through encryption services such as firewalls and Secure Socket Layering.

Trade with Confidence

VSRK takes many steps to ensure its clients’ security while allowing them to access market opportunities.

Real Time Margin Protection

By using advanced technology and automatic precautions, customers at VSRK have full use of their accounts’ margin, while limits are strictly monitored to prevent negative balance.

Advanced tools

Automated features and price transparency are our prime rituals, deal in real time account management and reporting with margin analysis, P&L, deal confirmation and market analysis.

Negative Balance Protection

The binding policy guarantees that our clients’ accounts can never go into minus and they can’t drain more than their investment even in extreme volatility.

Segregated Bank Accounts

All client funds are custodian of leading banks for enhanced protection and are completely separated from company capital.

VSRK Research

Lumbar abet your stock buying and Mutual Fund investment decisions with our 15 years of unique research advocated by VSRK Research Investment philosophy.

Multi-Cities & Round the clock Service

Bet on us for all investment needs and requisites. Reach out to us through our online or offline channels for your financial growth.

Relationship Managers

Research, guidance, heedful policing and service to ease you with the time from regular eyeing on your investments.

Simplified Pricing

No two customers' appetite and requirements are the same, hence the prices are tailor-made for every investor’s need.

Wide Potpourri of Investment Products

Armed with a huge range of PMS, AIF, MF products, Stocks (listed & unlisted), Corporate Deposits which helps to pick the right product according to investment appetite and trading requirements.