Retire Early and Travel Forever

Retire Early and Travel Forever

Have you ever imagined about enjoying a life travelling the world? The solo thought amazes us! What if you retire young and spend the rest of your life travelling the world? We know it sounds a little crazy, but several people have already done this. Most people retire early to travel the world full time and enjoy the life of their dreams. The reality is that we live in a time where it is not that easy to live as you like. Travelling is easier said than done. It is not affordable each time you plan a trip. However, many people have made it possible and taught us how to make travelling affordable. Reading books about the type of life you want to enjoy is always a great source of motivation. They not just only motivate you but implementing the steps will help you to create a new road map to living your dream life.

Early retirement-an easy cup of tea
Early retirement does not come easy, but it has never been easier to make it happen. Few takeaway steps will surely help you to consider a new way of life. It is suggestible to invest around 50% of your income in such a way so that you can get timely growth on your investment. It is up to you to decide how you want to live your life. If travelling is your passion, then saving is the best opportunity. Savings should be a part of your behavior and not just a sacrifice for your dreams. It will make it easier for you to live your life as a traveler.

Krysty and Bryce-best example
Many people shared their views regarding retiring early and travelling forever but, in our opinion, the best of all is the experience shared by Kristy Shen and Bryce Leung. They both have written a book named- quit like a millionaire. One of the best books we have ever read. It is full of real deals and original strategies on how to travel the world forever. They quit their engineering jobs in their early 30’s to travel the world. Their book is all about simple rules, optimizing your investment efficiently, and to build a 7-figure portfolio. Their FIRE story has featured in the New York Times, CNBC, and UK independent.

Early retirement-never a regret.
If you think retiring early and being rich can only be possible when you have inherited property or won a lottery, there is another example that will change your mind. The Bangalore based couple laid a job as It engineers and retired in their early 20’s. They never regretted their decision & they consider it as a crucial step towards their success. During the time of their retirement, they were earning five figures. Adopting FIRE philosophy-financial independence & retiring early, has given immense popularity among the working people in history and will be beneficial in the future as well.

Adopting FIRE approach
FIRE approach aims to maximize your savings rate. Focus on your spending rather than on earning. Most people have a common misbelief that early retirement is possible for the people with high paying salaries rather it’s difficult for people with a spendy lifestyle one should be very controllable regarding his/her spending habits. The approach is simple- don’t make your cost of living unnecessarily high. While travelling this will help you to an extent- when you will move from country to country, you will be comfortable. It’s never been easy to travel with less money. Learn more about travel rewards, use credit card rewards. Travel smart, not expensive.

Saving strategies
Getting older and potentially starting a family may change your travel lifestyle in the future. You have to preplan your guide map that will lead to a completely balanced lifestyle- family, money, and travelling. Exploring the world never comes with a simple step of having money, but it’s all about strategies you plan with your money. Saving, investing, and spending is the key interlinked with each other. You have to balance them to unlock the door of your dream life.
Live life like an adventure, explore the world as a traveler!