Wedding Finance Planning You Should Be Doing Now Before Proposing

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You’ve had all your life to dream about your perfect wedding, and it’s normal to want the absolute best. Everyone starts that way—at least until their dreams run straight into the brick wall of their budgets. Questions such as “how to keep your finances in order before getting hitched?” or “how much to spend on an engagement ring?” are not the most fun to think about, particularly when you feel so deeply in love, but they are some of the most important questions you have to ask yourself before proposing. It’s not just about how many people attend or how nice a cake is served at your reception, it’s also about how much the wedding itself will cost and how it impacts you and your partner’s long-term financial goals. If you plan to invest in a house, start a family, or take an extended vacation after the wedding, keeping a close eye on your wedding expenses is essential.  While it’s okay to go over your budget a little bit for that perfect dress or venue, you should try hard not to cross into irresponsible spending territory. You want your wedding to be a memorable day for all the right reasons; not something you’ll be paying off for years to come. Financial strain is one of the most common reasons for divorce. Start your wedding on the right foot by doing your research and planning how to balance your dream wedding with your financial plans as a couple. In this article, we take a look at three questions you must ask yourself before planning your wedding.

How Much Can You Spend?

Before anything else, you have to nail down a budget. If you don’t, it’s easy to get lost in the wedding planning process and, before long, your dream day becomes a budgeting nightmare. Your spending plan should be a combination of two things: an overall budget for how much money you can spend on everything from invitations to flowers, and a separate line item budget for each major section of your wedding. For example, you might decide that, given a wedding budget of $30,000, $5,000 is the most you can spend on food and catering, while another $1,000 has to go towards decorations for the reception hall. Spend some time thinking about what elements are really important to you so that when it comes down to making final decisions you won’t be tempted to spend more than you can afford. It’s also useful to identify family and friends who want to help with the wedding costs. While you don’t want to rely on them for everything, a little help from your parents and siblings can go a long way towards easing some of the financial pressures. Be sure not to expect anything without asking first. These conversations can be awkward, but they’re necessary to prevent even more awkward conversations later on. It’s better to know how much others can chip in at the outset, rather than finding out they can’t help as much as you were hoping for down the road.

What Can’t You Live Without?

Once you have a ballpark figure for how much you can spend on your wedding, it’s time to start planning and making decisions. No matter what financial guidelines you set for yourself in advance, some costs are inevitable when getting married. If you’ve decided that certain elements are non-negotiable for your wedding day but don’t fit in with your chosen budget, then it’s time to make some cuts elsewhere! This is the time to be ruthless. If you are working with a limited budget, you’ll have to make hard decisions. What matters more to you? Your bride’s wedding dress or the reception? Do you value professional photos more or a live band? It’s okay to change your mind along the way, but having a clear idea of what you want from the start will keep you from going over budget when it comes time to cut costs. Once you have your plan in place, start saving up. Don’t wait until the last minute to sort out financing—even if you’re paying for everything yourself, it’s important not to get caught off-guard and find yourself scrambling at the eleventh hour!

Does Everything Make Sense?

Now that you know how much you can spend and which parts of your wedding are non-negotiable, you can begin to plan exactly what kind of wedding you have. Do your research and look out for any hidden costs. Don’t be afraid to make changes if you feel they don’t make sense for your budget. Check everything against your budget and revise as necessary. Once you’ve finalized your plans and budget, it should all start making sense! A few small tips that can help you plan the perfect wedding while remaining financially responsible are:
  • Stick to your budget as much as possible and avoid using your credit cards
  • Open a separate banking account for your wedding expenses
  • Watch for any special wedding deals and discounts
Creating a spreadsheet might also help you keep track of your wedding plans and make sure that you’re staying on budget. You’ll be able to see exactly how much money each element costs and which parts of your wedding are most important to you. At the end of the day, it’s about taking a realistic look at what matters to you most when planning your perfect wedding. Don’t forget to have fun along the way—two people in love getting married should be something special, no matter how much money you have!  Even though it’s hard to know where to start when you’re faced with a big, overwhelming project like wedding planning, getting organized early on will make things less stressful in the long run. Keep these tips in mind and you’ll be able to handle any curveballs along the way!

Learn To Manage Your Finances this Ram Navami

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Be your own Knight Armor

Nobody will act as an armor in the times of need. One has to create own angel brew and that is health insurance which will help cover any health contingency that may come at any point of time. With pandemic which spilled like termite globally, health insurance has become all the more necessity. This will not only help in covering all the expenses of treatment from the scratch but will also give a sense of satiety. Health insurance is prerequisite to financial planning for uncertainty.

Emergency fund a must

Nobody can predict what life has planned for anyone. Even, Lord Rama was given 14 years of stubborn exile when he was preparing for his Rajtilak for the thrown. For unforeseen situations like these one must always have an emergency fund in hand. This has happened recently with many people when many bread-earners lost their jobs and life savings during this pandemic, Emergency fund can help people sail through during such tough times.

Win with Disciplined Planning 

Discipline a key attribute to learn from the episodes of Lord Rama’s story. Just like his brother drew a line (Lakshmana Rekha) to protect Goddess Sita, every individual should draw a budget to frame financial stability. One must estimate how much expenses should be incurred during different periods and how much savings are essential. If one fails to adhere to set budget may drown in financial debt during difficult times.

Achieve goals with Patience and moderation 

Lord Rama went through much hardships during exile. His patience kept him firm and he did not lose hope. His patience and planning helped in saving Goddess Sita from Ravana. Just like that one should not lose patience during bearish market. Keeping calm will help to manage the finances in market correction timings. 

Device financial portfolio to play safe

When Goddess Sita asked Lord Rama to catch a deer and when he didn’t come back on time she sent brother-in-law behind him and got kidnapped by Ravana. Diversify your portfolio by doing some research. Investing in one avenue might now get you high returns.

Joyous God Mangalmurti Ganesha brings Prosperity in Investments

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi

The god who is an epitome of knowledge and abundance of wisdom & is always worshipped before initiating any work. Let’s start our investment planning with an inspiration for proper financial planning through attributes and techniques of his stature.

Wisdom from Big Head

The bigger head represents broad-mindedness, forward thinking, and a vast ocean of knowledge. It emphasizes on the ability to grasp and understand markets open mindedly, prudent thoughts, and seek knowledge will help one look at all the options and make wiser investment decisions.

Draw up a smart goal-based financial plan and wisely act on it to secure your future. Anticipate how investment would grow after say 5-10 years considering the effect of inflation on different investment avenues and accordingly choose the type of Investment Avenue.

Big Ears symbolizes good listening skills

He is named Surpakarna for his large ears which indicate that in order to be a good investor, one must be a good listener. A good investor keeps ears wide open to sound financial advice which is ethical, unbiased, experienced, and research-backed from VSRK to make better investment decisions. 

Listening in unification with wisdom will enable you to filter and choose the right. Focus on requirements, aspirations, and desires in terms of your financial goals, investment horizon, financial standing, age, and risk profile, and the number of years left for the completion of your goal.

Focus from the Eyes

The sharp small eyes teaches to have focused approach and looking at the details with concentration to achieve growth. One should focus on individual or family goal-based investment plan. A focused mind to have a clear objective of “where to invest”. Consider safety and returns as foremost requisites.

Carefully create a well-diversified strategic portfolio based on your asset allocation that will strive to beat the inflation and accomplish your financial goals. Eliminate the unnecessary noise of the herd with a holistic view and a long-term approach helps to maintain and grow wealth.

Adaptability from the Trunk

The lord is known as Vakratundaya for the flexibility of trunk representing adaptable nature and to follow what is righteous. As an investor, one should track and review investment portfolio to check its performance contribution to the journey of wealth creation. Evaluate portfolio on a regular basis to know when to be patient about holding on to a particular investment and when it’s time to change it.

One-Tusk Removes Evil 

Ekdantaya is another name for Lord Ganesha which symbolises plucking out the evil from the good. Investors based on market news and stock sensitivity do not realize holding on to the underperformers in portfolio which is equally damaging as the removal of a worthy investment from your portfolio.

Greater endurance with large stomach

Vighnaharta signifies keeping all the negativity away and managing every kind of obstacle that comes in the path of life. This is a vital trait that we can definitely benefit from if we strive for gaining more courage and bravery in the face of adversities.

The enormous brook of Lord Ganesha teaches to alphabetize the investments as eating meal in small bites. Investments should in accordance to risk appetite, age factor, & financial goals. It is always suggested to invest systematically and diligently via the SIP route; gradually increase the amount as per financial capacity. With the rupee-cost averaging in volatile markets and the power of compounding, the money will grow over time. One should maintain a contingency fund and undergo both financial and emotional trauma during harsh or extraordinary circumstances.

Not being biased from Axe

The axe possessed by Ganesha acknowledges not to fall quest to sentiments or any sort of biases during investments. Think logically and freely, keeping aside the undercurrents of market downswings. Never discontinue SIP during this time frame and never harbor any anchoring bias to any investment that is unhealthy for financial well-being.

Feet positioning to maintain Balance

Lord’s one feet rests on the ground and another is folded. One can learn to maintain balance in life between inner happiness and materialistic happiness. To lead a contented and happy life, one needs to maintain a balance between material and spiritual needs and invest seeking all the financial needs or goals.

Simple living from his Vahana

The tiny mouse is represented as the vehicle of Lord Ganesha. It demonstrates the most important lesson of life: Simple living, high thinking. Learn to flourish within means; saving more than spending, avoiding impulsive purchases via instant gratification. Invest wisely empowering to yearn for a better tomorrow with a prospering financial plan.

Riddhi-Siddhi suggests to know the Payback timings

The Lord Ganesha preaching wisdom symbolises that every investment plan is not meant for retirement life, there are various short term goals too. So, understand the need for finance and earn cash from your investment in desired period.

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi!

Green is the New Gold

ESG Investing

The investor has various Permutation and Combinations to build portfolio in which the most common options include a combination of stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. All the investments are based on risk tolerance and financial goals. Now-a-days investors have become more aware and started making more sustainable decisions. ESG investing has become progressively approachable opportunity. ESG investing stands for environmental, social, and governance investing, which anchors on sustainability and the impact on your money. This concept actually comes with an opportunity to utilize investments in a way that aligns with one’s beliefs and core values.

Any investment is said to be an ESG investment depending upon the measure of sustainability across the environmental, social, and governance categories. The measurements are ranked and hence, helps potential investors in regard to portfolio, to make better decision ethically. 

The Environmental Factors determines the green initiatives a venture takes. It considers what a company does to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and how they use natural resources. It also looks at the product created to calculate sustainability and recycling.

The social components include cells like community involvement and development, comprehensive variegation, balanced employment levels, and impact on local and global human rights.

This Corporate Governance evaluates the mentorship. It compares executive pay and employee pay, cross section and potpourri among the top executives and board members, and the receptivity of the venture to their stakeholders.

ESG is important for successful long-term investments, diversification is must. ESG investing is a stupendous way to support acts well for the society, decide acquaint fully related to the environment, and assure equality.

ESG investments have experienced high returns as compared to traditional investments and in some cases, even outperformed. One can cherish his moral or ethical values with growing investments inclusive of low risk with strategic ESG investing.

Last but not the least, ESG investments is termed as Socially Responsible Investing as it promotes sustainability in the environment, workforce, and employment opportunities. 

Interested to get going with ESG investing, Determine Your Approach, research ESG Policies and find the right ESG Investments to park funds.

Understand how each company is scored, what initiatives they follow, explore funding, and know more on their core values and overall morality. With VSRK, gain access to such investment avenues to create a personalized ESG investment plan.

Ethical investing and investing in socially responsible causes are altogether different. The values based on religious, cultural, or environmental beliefs alter desperately every individual, all solidified goals. One has to look upon whether to invest in a company or not that upholds social beliefs but fails in environmental protection.

After understanding the investor’s beliefs, we can help investor finding the right ESG investments, which firms you support.

Savings is Not Always Investing; Investing is Savings with Amazing Returns

Savings is Not Always Investing; Investing is Savings with Amazing Returns

Always been into savings! And now investing for the first time? It can be traumatic, puzzling, and alarming. Campaigning hard earned money requires a basic understanding of financial assets; enough knowledge and confidence to avoid common investing mistakes; and importantly an understating of your investment goals.

By the time you’re ready to start investing, you must have specific goals in mind. Having a concrete goal can help you become more visionary and dedicated to that goal, making it real through regular actions.

One need to first empower themselves with some basic know-how. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has an eminent handbook for newbie investors which explains basic concepts and difference between the types of investments.

Choosing your first investment

When choosing an investment for the first time, experts say protruding on what one is literate about. If someone does have an expertise, one has slight tilt towards being more comfortable and knowledgeable when making an initial investment. 

If one do not have a specific forte that makes you uncomfortable towards investing and that would make you like many others, no shame in it. Make another key choice and VSRK’s experts and financial analysts can help you actively managing your mutual funds. 

An initial investment should be held for at least a year, in order to avoid short-term capital gains taxes. Avoiding high turnover or excessive trading; cutting costs associated with placing multiple trades, plus their tax implications, are wise or unwise strategies depends upon novice investor’s financial goals.

As per the research done at VSRK, major issues faced by new investors are that they tend to gamble with money that they can’t even afford to lose. Secondly, unaware investors seek out exotic products online. Inverse leveraged funds can be lucrative to triple your investments within no time, but they silently carry risk and are tricky to manage after certain point of time.

We at VSRK won’t allow your first or many investments to drop. Follow VSRK to start small and grow steadily and we will act as a catalyst for your wealth of tomorrow.

Things to Consider Before You Invest In Paper Assets

Invest In Paper Assets

Paper assets refer to those assets whose representation define ownership of an asset.

Some examples of paper assets can be stocks, currencies, bonds, money market funds, Mutual funds, Insurance plans etc.

It is one of the best way of growing wealth without much stress and which carries a minimal risk of capital loss. Investing in it has become very passive, your funds keeps earning interest while you do regular things, like a high time demanding job be it corporates or own business or a full time home maker. They give returns depending on the amount of capital you invest in it.

Paper assets are generally risk free, with guarantees such as with insurance (against losses if any). This states that there is no probability of losing principle capital. Banks have started keeping these assets as collateral to secure loans.

One can’t deny the fact that stocks are volatile and are subject to crashes and market trends, they are not risk free but expert’s guidance at VSRK stands straight against this volatility and restructure the investments carefully. To give a hand on which paper treasure is better as per one’s financial needs and goals.

VSRK considers following before investing funds in Paper Assets

    1. Everyone has some financial goals and depending upon present saving capacity to the time frame of the goal decides which investment vehicle should be opted.
    2. Check how much one has in hand to make investments, flexible investment plans as Lump sum, Bi-yearly, quarterly and Monthly. 
    3. Each investment avenue has its time frame, the longer the investment, the more interest and returns we can promise as plans are usually subject to compounding. 

Power Play your Investments; every Dot Ball is a lost opportunity

Power Play your Investments; Every Dot Ball is a lost opportunity

We never get unlimited chances to procure all the things we want, nothing is poorer than missing an opportunity that could have changed our life. This is entirely what materialize with our Earning phase of subsist.

When anyone starts earning, one has the least or no bounded expenses because of the fewer responsibilities at that age. This gives a big reason that an individual should start investing in the best spacious way he/ she can. To think and execute on the thought of investing is primarily vital then comes the procedure to opt for various amazing avenues with same or different investing amounts. After being conclusive about investing, the first thing comes to mind is who to choose for support and whom to trust with your hard earned pesos. 

VSRK is the name one can trust upon. At VSRK, we do not sell products, we advise solutions with provision of incredible riches services since 2013. The tailor-made investment plans at VSRK are according to your financial goals & investment style

The earlier the investments, the documented concept of compounding starts horsing around and helps you attain all financial goal and finally retire wealthy. VSRK shall step ahead on the illuminating path of wealth creation confidently if clear understanding is made for financial goals, risk tolerance and investment strategies

There are ups and downs in the market due to the feature of volatility in the buzz. Fervid investments or disinvestments during span of short-term volatility barely clinches in the long run. Verifiable examples show, it takes long for the market to retrieve losses and bridge gains. 

Every SIP delayed will harvest a whooping dent in the Retirement Party Day. Missing a single month’s SIP is simply giving dot balls to your earning life. Batsmen are enlightened for not bowling blindly and miss wickets. They stake calculated Risk and strip benefits. One should try to escape the EMI web and credit obligations. Scoring fast in the initial overs allows batting teams to tackle quality wicket-taking bowlers carefully and not take the risk. 

Hence, investing in the initial years of earning helps one easily take over the charge and obligations of unexpected expenditures in the middle-age say kids’ education, owing residence etc.

Cricket lovers know well when a batting team tally huge in Power play, the overall will be a win-win situation. Methodically, whenever the elementary investment is towering, the overall corpus tends to gigantic. It not only makes the investor financially independent but makes them retire rich and die wealthy.

Like in cricket, no batsman enter the ground without the necessary protection. Similarly, VSRK has the team of experts to help the investor not only to stay on the financial ground for long but also to score high returns.

Rat Race Escape Plan: Compounding Effect

Rat Race Escape Plan

A rat race is a boundless, in vain pursuit. The expression explains humans to rats with an urge to earn a livelihood such as cheese, which is futile. In today’s era, we can relate it to a competitive struggle to nurture financially. Today, the repetitive & exhausting lifestyle has left us with no time for relaxation or enjoyment.

Fortunately, everyone wants to escape the never ending rat race. Somewhere between just surviving paychecks and toxic work environments, nobody wants reparation in life by climbing a ladder but will try to own completely.

Anyone should not forget that you are a smart individual who can do anything. Don’t become a corporate slave for complete earning phase of your life, for a meagre compensation loaded with worries about paying bills, and dreaming about dreadful Mondays. We are living in an era of smart work not hard work. On should plan to escape the rat race once and for all smartly. 

The reality check is we never have ample funds to cover all expenses ranging from rent, groceries, utilities, property taxes etc. the list bums out. After all these expenses we are left with a few savings which are kept in bank for some uncertainty in future. 

Life’s short & sweet. On an average, two-third of the life is spent toiling to suffice the livelihood. VSRK helps you create something meaningful. Which can make life more meaningful and to choose how you spend weekends independently. Undoubtedly, many billionaires still go to work daily. Mind it, it’s with choice not out of necessity. Once decided, to escape the rat race, will gain the confidence to take that decision.

Give Yourself a Why. When finding a “why”, you need to make sure it’s burning the fire in you. Stop Buying and keep burying yourself in deeper debt. Uncertainly, life can hit you in the face with a curveball anytime. Stop purchasing stuff you don’t require. Instead, save more for long-term to live within your means. VSRK helps you reinvest the money saved to help you grow many-folds within a specified term to gain financial freedom. 

Set aside a fixed amount every month to die wealthy. Invest the amount in some paper assets which will help to generate excess income. Ultimately, one should acquire assets that’ll grow each month therefore can earn an expandable income. Let the process of compounding interest showcase its results. The money should only be used to make more money. The minor risk is involved with major rewards. When it comes to investment, start with VSRK whose expertise will lower the risk of investments. And by this, one leads to a path of escaping the rat race.

Women Should Learn the Language of Paper Assets – Part 1

Paper Assets

Why a women should start investing in paper treasures

A study says that many women have an irrational fear of paper stocks. Uncountable times have heard someone saying, “I’m not smart enough” or “I don’t understand the financial world, its altogether a different language!” The dismay and unawareness retreat them from investing in the gentle and most readily understandable asset in the market.

Investing in paper assets is immensely calm and tranquil, and truly anyone unaware can also do it. In fact, you can ping us at WhatsApp and can buy or sell a share of your preference under our expert’s guidance. Decisions are really not that simple. The artful chunk is determining when and what shares to buy and sell. That requires a bit more home-work and knowledge. You can download one of our VSRK app, and with a touch, you could be an investor.

Coming to awareness and learned, learning to invest in paper assets is simply like learning a new language. And anyone and everyone can do it. One has to start investing, and soon you’ll be speaking fluently like a native. Investment & learning go hand in hand.

It is advisable to invest like a nun. Alike a nun, invest herself to the service of humanity religiously, one need to invest in paper assets with proper dedication. A nun doesn’t worries about ups and downs in the life. Buying and selling on the basis of markets’ ups and downs is not a good deal. One needs to understand the market or we at VSRK can help you with our expertise.

A women used to survive by selling milk and other confectionaries, and collecting interest from deposits, but when interest rates started going down, she realized they needed a new strategy to keep them from going under.

Today, the same women runs a good portfolio from her small shop turned bakery. “I now understand every third sentence of financial pages of VSRK’s research notes instead every 10th when I started,” she says.

The fact is that many of individuals doesn’t have a background in finance. In fact, one can start their journey with VSRK into paper assets by purchasing a share in a stock, and understand the financial jargons with time.

There are many inspiring stories of how hesitant women start their investing journey and how they are able to increase the returns on their penny savings to help them thrive. 

Before one start investing, take a minute to understand some facts to help you decide one’s investment amount and period.

Firstly, Paper assets are highly liquid and can jump in or peep out at any time. Secondly, it’s not time taking and is effortless to begin investing. Certain paper vehicles, like stocks that pay dividends, can provide long-term cash flow if you understand their strategy. 

Many people understand a few financial terms and Tax Advantages or Tax benefit is one of them. Paper assets if held longer than a year are taxed at the lower long-term capital-gains rates. The same goes for dividends. We can conclude that one can invest in stocks anytime, anywhere, through our VSRK app.

6 Tips for growing wealth in your 20’s

6 Tips for growing wealth in your 20's

For a bright future, your twenties are the best time to start accumulating your wealth. Being in your 20’s, it would be hard to decide the pattern of your expenditure. It’s hard to invest your time to gain wealth at such a young age. Some steps will guide you and help you out in growing your wealth.

On what should you focus on more- earning more or reducing expenses? The strategies one should adopt? What to do for boosting up the income? All such kind of questions strikes the mind it is obvious to happen.

Here we are with some of the tips to manage your money flow-income and expenses. The main six guide tips for growing wealth in your 20’s-

1.Focus on how to grow your income– 

In college, or in free time, use your energy and time in looking up for the ways to increase the earning. Focus on the skills that you can develop that will help you to boost your money inflow. 

2.Follow up with the opportunities you get 

Mostly at this young age of ’20s, people have craze to follow their passion and use this passion to make money. It’s not a bad idea but will not always work. If you get a good opportunity that is not in your passion field but will give you earning, grab that opportunity. Once your earning level is high, you can follow up with your passion too. Also, youth have a hope to change the lives of many needy people, for that we will suggest to complete your graduation and make enough amount of money so that you will figure out all possible ways to give social help to needy and poor people.

3.Use your knowledge to boost your earnings-

Most people hate subjects like statistics, organic chemistry, or graphical presentations. But acquiring knowledge of the subject will financially help you a lot. Generally, if you have mastered the field where most people find it difficult, you can earn good money. Physics, mathematics, calculus these subjects are tricky. Many students find it hard to learn them by self-study. Try to gain knowledge in these subjects so that you can boost your income by tutoring.

4.Buy assets, avoid liabilities-

The best way to grow wealth in your early 20’s is to making yourself fond of buying assets. The value of assets increases over time that will make you the owner of the assets. Avoid liabilities as this will give you loss. If you spend unnecessary that money is gone to spend your money on buying assets, that money will help you to earn more money. The more you own, the higher will be the level of the growth of your money.

5.When you have good earning, avoid to spend it on an expensive lifestyle-

When people in their early years start to earn some amount of income, they spend it on luxuries, upgrading an expensive lifestyle. They follow the rule of a higher salary, higher expenses. But this obsession will be problematic in your 30’s and 40’s/ when you will suffer from a shortage of savings. Keep your cost of living low in the starting and keeping the same till the end.

6.Try hard, more than anybody else-

Hard work is the key to success. We all know this very well. In your 20’s, to be successful, the fastest way is to try hard, make more attempts, more strategies than others work experience 1-2 years, don’t stop trying to work a level up than earlier. Don’t fill yourself with overconfidence. You will face rejections that will not portray your identity. So, don’t be terrified by failures so keep trying to reach your goals. By making more attempts, you open more doors for success.

Following these tips will make you successful and more mature regarding the growth of wealth in your 20’s. Make success your priority so that success will make you the best!