Power Play your Investments; every Dot Ball is a lost opportunity

Power Play your Investments; Every Dot Ball is a lost opportunity

We never get unlimited chances to procure all the things we want, nothing is poorer than missing an opportunity that could have changed our life. This is entirely what materialize with our Earning phase of subsist.

When anyone starts earning, one has the least or no bounded expenses because of the fewer responsibilities at that age. This gives a big reason that an individual should start investing in the best spacious way he/ she can. To think and execute on the thought of investing is primarily vital then comes the procedure to opt for various amazing avenues with same or different investing amounts. After being conclusive about investing, the first thing comes to mind is who to choose for support and whom to trust with your hard earned pesos. 

VSRK is the name one can trust upon. At VSRK, we do not sell products, we advise solutions with provision of incredible riches services since 2013. The tailor-made investment plans at VSRK are according to your financial goals & investment style

The earlier the investments, the documented concept of compounding starts horsing around and helps you attain all financial goal and finally retire wealthy. VSRK shall step ahead on the illuminating path of wealth creation confidently if clear understanding is made for financial goals, risk tolerance and investment strategies

There are ups and downs in the market due to the feature of volatility in the buzz. Fervid investments or disinvestments during span of short-term volatility barely clinches in the long run. Verifiable examples show, it takes long for the market to retrieve losses and bridge gains. 

Every SIP delayed will harvest a whooping dent in the Retirement Party Day. Missing a single month’s SIP is simply giving dot balls to your earning life. Batsmen are enlightened for not bowling blindly and miss wickets. They stake calculated Risk and strip benefits. One should try to escape the EMI web and credit obligations. Scoring fast in the initial overs allows batting teams to tackle quality wicket-taking bowlers carefully and not take the risk. 

Hence, investing in the initial years of earning helps one easily take over the charge and obligations of unexpected expenditures in the middle-age say kids’ education, owing residence etc.

Cricket lovers know well when a batting team tally huge in Power play, the overall will be a win-win situation. Methodically, whenever the elementary investment is towering, the overall corpus tends to gigantic. It not only makes the investor financially independent but makes them retire rich and die wealthy.

Like in cricket, no batsman enter the ground without the necessary protection. Similarly, VSRK has the team of experts to help the investor not only to stay on the financial ground for long but also to score high returns.

Rat Race Escape Plan: Compounding Effect

Rat Race Escape Plan

A rat race is a boundless, in vain pursuit. The expression explains humans to rats with an urge to earn a livelihood such as cheese, which is futile. In today’s era, we can relate it to a competitive struggle to nurture financially. Today, the repetitive & exhausting lifestyle has left us with no time for relaxation or enjoyment.

Fortunately, everyone wants to escape the never ending rat race. Somewhere between just surviving paychecks and toxic work environments, nobody wants reparation in life by climbing a ladder but will try to own completely.

Anyone should not forget that you are a smart individual who can do anything. Don’t become a corporate slave for complete earning phase of your life, for a meagre compensation loaded with worries about paying bills, and dreaming about dreadful Mondays. We are living in an era of smart work not hard work. On should plan to escape the rat race once and for all smartly. 

The reality check is we never have ample funds to cover all expenses ranging from rent, groceries, utilities, property taxes etc. the list bums out. After all these expenses we are left with a few savings which are kept in bank for some uncertainty in future. 

Life’s short & sweet. On an average, two-third of the life is spent toiling to suffice the livelihood. VSRK helps you create something meaningful. Which can make life more meaningful and to choose how you spend weekends independently. Undoubtedly, many billionaires still go to work daily. Mind it, it’s with choice not out of necessity. Once decided, to escape the rat race, will gain the confidence to take that decision.

Give Yourself a Why. When finding a “why”, you need to make sure it’s burning the fire in you. Stop Buying and keep burying yourself in deeper debt. Uncertainly, life can hit you in the face with a curveball anytime. Stop purchasing stuff you don’t require. Instead, save more for long-term to live within your means. VSRK helps you reinvest the money saved to help you grow many-folds within a specified term to gain financial freedom. 

Set aside a fixed amount every month to die wealthy. Invest the amount in some paper assets which will help to generate excess income. Ultimately, one should acquire assets that’ll grow each month therefore can earn an expandable income. Let the process of compounding interest showcase its results. The money should only be used to make more money. The minor risk is involved with major rewards. When it comes to investment, start with VSRK whose expertise will lower the risk of investments. And by this, one leads to a path of escaping the rat race.

SIP vs Lumpsum: Difference Between SIP and Lumpsum?

SIP vs Lumpsum

Investing is putting away savings or surpluses for the future, with a motive to achieve a higher return in exchange for taking on some risk. Investing comes with choices. Apart from selecting different schemes to invest in, one also enjoys the right to choose the method to invest in mutual funds.

An investor comes with an option to either make a one shot investment in mutual funds also termed as lumpsum investment or can design to spread it out over a period of time through a systematic investment plan.

SIPs helps to inject money into any scheme periodically ranging from weekly to monthly or quarterly even half-yearly. Contrarily, lump-sum investments are a single season bulk investment in any scheme. The minimum investment amount also varies. One can start investing in SIPs with as low as Rs.500 per month while generally lump-sum investments need at least Rs.10, 000.

The methodology of investment can make a difference in one’s investment portfolio as well as the returns in the future. Twain SIP & lump sum investments empower investors to securely flair and create wealth through mutual funds. Basically, frequency of investment is the mainly how we can differentiate between SIP and lumpsum methods.

SIPs are more suitable option if an investor is available with small but regular amount of money. On the other hand investors with a relatively good investment amount and risk tolerance, lump-sum investments will be healthier.

Most investors emphasize on SIPs over lump-sum investments for the reason discussed ahead. Busy investors don’t have to monitor the market closely. With SIPs, one gets a chance to enter during different market cycles. One can begin investing in SIPs with as little as Rs. 500 per month, although most mutual funds in India have set the lower limit at Rs.  5,000. VSRK provides SIP calculator to calculate and estimate the returns on their SIP investment. Per unit cost is averaged out over the investment horizon. Which helps wind over market ups and downs with cost levelling. The interest earned on SIPs are reinvested and the compounding effect do wonders. SIPs motivates into the habit of saving frequently. 

The market experts do tell that those investors who are capable to invest a huge lump sum amount should recognize market cycles and invest at a market low which will garner high returns after a stipulated time period. Simple funda of buying low and selling high. Resulting in increase in investment value, at market high. Lump sum investment is ideal for Long-term tenure say for 10 years or more. Individuals can also choose to invest for a medium-term with a Debt fund. Lump sum amount should ideally be invested when the markets are already in a slump and is showing growth potentials. 


VSRK says choosing a SIP or a lump-sum investment primarily depends upon investors’ financial condition and requirements. Elements such as income, economic stability, financial goals, and risk appetite are studied for following the route of investment. Smartly, some form of investment is better than none.

Women Should Learn the Language of Paper Assets – Part 1

Paper Assets

Why a women should start investing in paper treasures

A study says that many women have an irrational fear of paper stocks. Uncountable times have heard someone saying, “I’m not smart enough” or “I don’t understand the financial world, its altogether a different language!” The dismay and unawareness retreat them from investing in the gentle and most readily understandable asset in the market.

Investing in paper assets is immensely calm and tranquil, and truly anyone unaware can also do it. In fact, you can ping us at WhatsApp and can buy or sell a share of your preference under our expert’s guidance. Decisions are really not that simple. The artful chunk is determining when and what shares to buy and sell. That requires a bit more home-work and knowledge. You can download one of our VSRK app, and with a touch, you could be an investor.

Coming to awareness and learned, learning to invest in paper assets is simply like learning a new language. And anyone and everyone can do it. One has to start investing, and soon you’ll be speaking fluently like a native. Investment & learning go hand in hand.

It is advisable to invest like a nun. Alike a nun, invest herself to the service of humanity religiously, one need to invest in paper assets with proper dedication. A nun doesn’t worries about ups and downs in the life. Buying and selling on the basis of markets’ ups and downs is not a good deal. One needs to understand the market or we at VSRK can help you with our expertise.

A women used to survive by selling milk and other confectionaries, and collecting interest from deposits, but when interest rates started going down, she realized they needed a new strategy to keep them from going under.

Today, the same women runs a good portfolio from her small shop turned bakery. “I now understand every third sentence of financial pages of VSRK’s research notes instead every 10th when I started,” she says.

The fact is that many of individuals doesn’t have a background in finance. In fact, one can start their journey with VSRK into paper assets by purchasing a share in a stock, and understand the financial jargons with time.

There are many inspiring stories of how hesitant women start their investing journey and how they are able to increase the returns on their penny savings to help them thrive. 

Before one start investing, take a minute to understand some facts to help you decide one’s investment amount and period.

Firstly, Paper assets are highly liquid and can jump in or peep out at any time. Secondly, it’s not time taking and is effortless to begin investing. Certain paper vehicles, like stocks that pay dividends, can provide long-term cash flow if you understand their strategy. 

Many people understand a few financial terms and Tax Advantages or Tax benefit is one of them. Paper assets if held longer than a year are taxed at the lower long-term capital-gains rates. The same goes for dividends. We can conclude that one can invest in stocks anytime, anywhere, through our VSRK app.

6 Tips for growing wealth in your 20’s

6 Tips for growing wealth in your 20's

For a bright future, your twenties are the best time to start accumulating your wealth. Being in your 20’s, it would be hard to decide the pattern of your expenditure. It’s hard to invest your time to gain wealth at such a young age. Some steps will guide you and help you out in growing your wealth.

On what should you focus on more- earning more or reducing expenses? The strategies one should adopt? What to do for boosting up the income? All such kind of questions strikes the mind it is obvious to happen.

Here we are with some of the tips to manage your money flow-income and expenses. The main six guide tips for growing wealth in your 20’s-

1.Focus on how to grow your income– 

In college, or in free time, use your energy and time in looking up for the ways to increase the earning. Focus on the skills that you can develop that will help you to boost your money inflow. 

2.Follow up with the opportunities you get 

Mostly at this young age of ’20s, people have craze to follow their passion and use this passion to make money. It’s not a bad idea but will not always work. If you get a good opportunity that is not in your passion field but will give you earning, grab that opportunity. Once your earning level is high, you can follow up with your passion too. Also, youth have a hope to change the lives of many needy people, for that we will suggest to complete your graduation and make enough amount of money so that you will figure out all possible ways to give social help to needy and poor people.

3.Use your knowledge to boost your earnings-

Most people hate subjects like statistics, organic chemistry, or graphical presentations. But acquiring knowledge of the subject will financially help you a lot. Generally, if you have mastered the field where most people find it difficult, you can earn good money. Physics, mathematics, calculus these subjects are tricky. Many students find it hard to learn them by self-study. Try to gain knowledge in these subjects so that you can boost your income by tutoring.

4.Buy assets, avoid liabilities-

The best way to grow wealth in your early 20’s is to making yourself fond of buying assets. The value of assets increases over time that will make you the owner of the assets. Avoid liabilities as this will give you loss. If you spend unnecessary that money is gone to spend your money on buying assets, that money will help you to earn more money. The more you own, the higher will be the level of the growth of your money.

5.When you have good earning, avoid to spend it on an expensive lifestyle-

When people in their early years start to earn some amount of income, they spend it on luxuries, upgrading an expensive lifestyle. They follow the rule of a higher salary, higher expenses. But this obsession will be problematic in your 30’s and 40’s/ when you will suffer from a shortage of savings. Keep your cost of living low in the starting and keeping the same till the end.

6.Try hard, more than anybody else-

Hard work is the key to success. We all know this very well. In your 20’s, to be successful, the fastest way is to try hard, make more attempts, more strategies than others work experience 1-2 years, don’t stop trying to work a level up than earlier. Don’t fill yourself with overconfidence. You will face rejections that will not portray your identity. So, don’t be terrified by failures so keep trying to reach your goals. By making more attempts, you open more doors for success.

Following these tips will make you successful and more mature regarding the growth of wealth in your 20’s. Make success your priority so that success will make you the best!

What are Multi-bagger Stocks in India | Multi-bagger Stocks 2021

What are Multi-bagger Stocks in India


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Let’s Learn!!

What are Multi-baggers?

Multi-baggers are sprouting small caps or mid-caps that have the flair to grow into large-cap stocks thereby enriching investors with mounting returns. These stocks have the potential to grow at a remarkably higher rate than large-cap stocks.

Why should one invest in Multi-bagger?

Investing in a prospective multi-bagger stock will give you the opportunity to grow your wealth monumentally. These stocks represent blooming companies with an exclusive product or service with high potential desire from the clients. Once the product or service is incorporated, demand can explode resulting in a sharp rise in stock valuation.

How much time it takes?

Cashing in on from multi-baggers requires patience and methodical to stay invested. Proceeds from such stocks are as straight as arrow, i.e. these stocks usually competent of high price volatility and on forming a base, the price rise is usually swift. In brief, VRSK Multi-baggers have a holding period of around 2-3 years.

What is the potential Gain?

As the name suggest, multi-baggers are stocks which multiply the investments value. VSRK Multi-baggers offer a potential upside of 80%-100% in a period of 2-3 years.

Do Multi-baggers involves risk?

Multi-baggers are perilous if one invest without adequate research and loosely examine these stocks. This is what VSRK does for you. Embryonic multi-baggers are picked after rigorous research and analysis and are tracked to assess any potential change in the position of the company or any micro/macro breezes. Diligent selection 

And continuous monitoring significantly minimize investment risk in such stakes. These stocks go through price volatility which one must be prepared for in order to catalyze blooming wealth from such stakes.

How multi-baggers are chosen?

Finding a virtuous multi-bagger involves a meticulous process of comprehensive and insightful research across the entire orbit of stocks falling in this basket. Every VSRK multi-bagger is chosen after analyzing various factors which include company valuations, the background of promoters & their holdings, corporate governance due to diligence, management efficiency, industry trends and economic policies.

Models of stock Selection

Management Quality

  • Corporate governance
  • Highest ethical standards
  • History of wealth creation
  • Corporate Governance
  • Alignment of interest
  • High Ownership
  • Attitude of rewarding minority shareholders

Opportunity size

  • Robust Business model
  • Large opportunity size
  • Scalable – Without changing the business model
  • Huge Profit Pool – Scope and potential to earn many times its current profits.

Superior product and services

  • Leading products or services
  • Competitive edge
  • Moat
  • Ability to gain market share

Financial Discipline and Efficiency

  • Capital allocation
  • Superior Cash flows Profile
  • Return ratios
  • Clean balance sheet – Avoid leverage
  • Efficient working capital management

With the Multi-bagger Stocks, You:

  • Invest in both growth & value stocks with strong fundamentals.
  • Own a Tax-efficient portfolio.
  • Have a low churn portfolio with systematic rebalancing
  • Maintain a diversification of 15-20 open positions
  • Set a time horizon of up to 3 years

 “We go all the way with our business & Industry Legwork”

Our research seeps through beyond the stock analysis into the core business and the intricate details of Industry dynamics. This allows us to estimate the bigger picture when it comes to these Gems.

Women: An Investor

Women An Investor

1. Women are not good investors

A women invests herself completely into her family be it physically mentally or even financially. She puts her 300% for the upliftment of her family. A women is a one who knows the fact that nobody will care about your money more than you. A great women said “Money is only a tool. It will take you wherever you wish, but it will not replace you as the driver.”

2. Women are not financially literate

When women work, they invest 90 percent of their income back into their families, compared with 35 percent for men. By focusing on girls and women, innovative businesses and organizations can spur economic progress, expand markets, and improve health and education outcomes for everyone. A women completely understands to increase the wealth one has to decrease their wants. And all women have been great examples of putting aside their wants and prioritize their family.

3. SIP is like a mask to your money

Disciplined: Systematic Investment Plan builds a discipline of investments. As one has to be disciplined to wear mask regularly.
Flexibility: SIP is like a mask wherein one can easily put on or off as per their requirements.
Long-Term Gains: SIP as an investment tool, holds the potential to deliver lucrative returns over a long investment horizon due to rupee-cost averaging and the power of compounding. A mask helps to improve the health over a long horizon.
Convenience: There can be no convenient way of investing other than SIP for beginners. You can start SIP online or offline with as low as Rs 500 only. A mask can be as low as Rs. 10 as per the convenience of our pocket.

4. Vaccinate your portfolio

Doctors are doing a great job to vaccinate your bodies for a healthy being, Let VSRK help you to vaccinate your incomes and give them a boost for your better future. VSRK will enable you to improve your saving strategies in the form of SIP which will improve for a long and healthy financial base.

How to Save Tax Other Than 80C?

How to Save Tax Other Than 80C

After the end of each financial year, every person liable to file income tax looks at all the exemptions and deductions that he can claim. For a salaried individual, section 80C is a relief that allows a deduction of up to INR 1.5 lakhs from your total taxable income. Apart from the said section, there are other lesser-known sections available for deduction under the said Act:  

1.Contributions made towards NPS Scheme- Sec 8CCD (1B)

An individual who is eligible for deduction under section 80CCD has made any contribution towards the national pension scheme (NPS). As per 80CCE, the cumulative contribution under 80C and 80CCD cannot exceed INR 1.5 Lakhs. However, an additional deduction of INR 50000 has been allowed towards contributions made under 80CCD (1B)

2.Contributions made towards health insurance- Sec 80D

Under Sec 80D, you can claim the payment of health care premium and medical expenses. An individual can claim a deduction of up to INR 25000 for health insurance premiums paid for himself, spouse and dependent children. However, if any of these are above the age of 60, this limit gets increased to INR 50000. For health premiums paid for parents, an additional deduction of INR 25000 is available. If the parents are of ages 60 or above, the available deduction is INR 50000. A rebate of INR 5000 is also made available for preventive health checkups. 

3.Expenditure on medical treatment of dependents and specific diseases- Sec 80DDB

This section is concerned with any payment for the medical treatment or maintenance of a person with a disability. It includes all expenditure made for a dependent (spouse, children, parents, dependent siblings) suffering from specific diseases, as specified. This amount is subject to a deduction of up to INR 75000.  This deduction is available for the resident individual/ HUF. 

4.Payment towards interest on education loan- Sec 80E

If you have made any payment of interest towards the loan taken for the higher education of self, spouse, dependent children or any student to whom you’re a legal guardian.  Section 80E allows the deduction of such interest paid. The payment must be to an approved institution. There is no upper limit on the amount of deduction. The deduction can be claimed for up to 8 years, beginning with the year you start repaying the interest. 

5.Home loan interest payment for affordable housing- Sec 80EE 

If you’re a first-time house owner, an additional deduction of INR 50000 is available, subject to fulfilment of certain conditions. This deduction is available in addition to the deduction under Sec 24. To avail of this deduction, the value of your property should not be more than INR 50 lakhs & the loan taken should be less than 35 Lakhs.

6.Payment towards rent for those not receiving HRA- Sec 80GG

This deduction is only applicable to those individuals who are self-employed or do not receive any HRA.  Also, neither the individual nor should his spouse nor minor child should have a residential property at the place of his current residence. The amount of deduction is 25% of the total income (excluding long-term capital gains, short-term capital gains under section 111A, Income under Section 115A or 115D and deductions under 80C to 80U). The upper limit of such deduction is INR 5,000 per month.

Conclusion: While calculating tax liability for the financial year, you can consider the above deductions, if eligible. Also, we recommend all our taxpayers start planning for their tax liability at the start of the year. It gives them more flexibility in determining the tax liability for the year.

6 Reasons Why We Need a Budget ?

6 Reasons Why We Need a Budget

Judiciously spending your earnings is the quality of a wise and smart financially-sound person. But sometimes, you commit mistakes regarding your expenditure, which leads to a financial loss. The solution to this problem is setting up a budget for your income. A Budget is a common word we know what it means. A Budget is an estimation of your income and expenditure. It creates a way to decide how much to spend and for what purpose. By creating a budget, you formulate a plan for spending your income. It is indispensable for your financial stability to ensure a steady income and check all your expenses. We have tried to enlist some reasons why you need to prepare a budget for yourself.

1.Helps to figure out your goals:
Establishing a budget helps you to keep an eye on long-term goals and work on them. If you aimlessly lose your money now and then, you will end up with no savings and no financial security. If you want financial security for yourself and your family, you should maintain a budget.

2.Ensure optimum spending:
Budget controls your pocket. It stops you from being extravagant in your spending. Also, it ensures you do not spend money that you do not have. People often spend higher than their earnings and owe it all to credit cards. People who overspend often fail to realize the overspending until they are in debt. However, if you create a budget and stick to it, you will never find yourself in such a situation.

3.Helps to lead a happier retirement:
It is good that you spend your money on the limit, follow a proper budget & you will be debt-free, but something more is as necessary as these habits. It is your future you need to spend wisely today but equally essential to save it for the future. A budget can help you to do that. You should also include investments that will lead you to a happy retirement life ahead.

4.It prepares you for emergencies:
Life is unpredictable and full of surprises, a few sweet and some bitter ones. Emergency encompasses situations like sickness, hospitalization, accident, lay off, divorce or death of someone in the family. This situation leads to financial urgency, which is the reason why you should have an emergency fund. Your money or budget must contain an emergency fund that includes a minimum of four to six months’ living expenditure. It will ensure you don’t suffer from debts after a life crisis.

5.Throws lights on your spending habits:
Forming a budget encourages you to take a complete look at your spending habits will realize you are wasting your money on the material you don’t even need. Do you need four pairs of slippers/ or 15 shirts of the same color? A Budget makes you rethink your expenses and focus on a financial goal.

6.Helps in making you burden-free:
How many nights have you spent thinking about paying the bills, how to deposit your child’s education fees number of people who lost their peace over these tensions allow their money to make them a puppet. When you form a budget wisely, you will never have to lose your sleep over financial issues.

These were a few key points, several more advantages of making a budget and strictly following it. You can ensure financial security today and the future by strictly following the above suggestions.

What is Grey Market?

What is Grey Market

The gray color affects the mind and body by causing unsettling feelings. Hence the gray (grey) market can be coined as an off the record market for the securities where trading eventually occurs when a stock that has been hanged down from trades off the market, or when new securities are asked and bided before official trading begins. The gray market enables the issuer and underwriters to estimate demand for a new offering because it is a “when issued” market (i.e., it trades securities that will be offered in the very near future). 

Characteristics of gray market:

  • This market in financial securities is considered as unofficial for over-the-counter (OTC) transactions.
  • Unlike classical OTC trading where securities don’t trade on an exchange, the gray market trades in financial products which have been hanged down from formal trading, or we can say those have not started an official trading.
  • The gray market can be coined to the products, generally imports which are sold through substitutional retail channels.
  • In any case, though not illegal, the informal status increases the riskiness of this market.

Unlike black market, in gray market binding trade, transactions cannot be settled until formal trading begins. This may lead a crafty party to reverse on the trade. Due to this uncertainty, a few institutional investors, like pension funds and mutual funds, may not participate in such kind of a trading.

The gray market for products flourishes when there is an important price disparity for a famous product in different countries. In various countries, there occurs a marked gray market for popular consumer goods as these can be purchased online and shipped to any location in an easy manner. Pharmaceuticals, Luxury cars, cigarettes, high-end apparel, cosmetics, handbags and shoes are such other examples. Informal dealers may import such items in bulk and, adding a healthy margin, they do sell them at a price below the local cost to increase market segment. 

Post-sale service and support is another vital issue, as authorized dealers may not service goods bought in the gray market. 

Consumers may also occasionally unintentionally buy a gray market product. Major possibility that a product is from a gray market are a price that is considerably lower than that offered by other local retailers.

Impact on Businesses

The size of gray markets is important. Business done other than official channels poses challenges for the manufacturers of the goods. Other than from the loss of sales booked directly by a company, it also produces a risk to brand equity and damages healthiness of the official sales channel ranging from wholesalers to retailers, whose forte for sought-after goods is curtailed.

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